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Neal and Wolf ELEVATE review

The Neal & Wolf styling range has landed here at The Looking Glass HQ , and boy has it been worth the wait. 

It was with a little apprehension that I moved from my previous, beloved product range, we had after all been together for 6 years. But I’m sure glad I did. 

Of course , the first thing you notice when you open the bottle is the smell. Dreamy !! It smells like an expensive perfume, and is in fact perfume based , meaning the fragrance is longer lasting.  You’ll be walking down the street a day later, a gust of wind blows your hair into your face, you’re temporarily blinded , but , you catch a whiff of your hair, and all is right with the world again.

As women , we are always looking for THE product to give us lift to rival Cheryl Cole circa American X Factor..... (Ok, maybe that’s a little extreme). Buuuuuut.... look no further. 

Elevate aims to leave hair stronger , fuller and give more control. Expect body and texture , and more manageable hair. 

A small amount goes a long way, squeeze a ten pence piece amount into the palm of your hand, work it through your palm and then distribute it from root to ends. Add a barrel brush into the equation and lift and volume is easily achieved. 

It’s hard to believe that such a ‘luxurious’ product has such a small price tag. At £12.95 ELEVATE not only smells great, but delivers exactly what it promises. 

Who says great hair needs to cost the earth?! 

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